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1963 T6 B Coupe with a 1965 C Motor... 6 volt system.

Original color was Ruby Red, it has been 2 or 3 colors since then. We took it down to bare-metal and I was not able to match ruby red to my liking, so we painted it silver..

As you can tell by the picture, it is definitely a project. I have a web site that I am using to document the progress and pictures...here it is: www.project356.com

Here is my "story" on my 356 Project car.

I have wanted a 356 for as long as I can remember, actually, before I even knew what kind of make/model the vehicle I liked so much actually was (seeing them in movies..etc). Someone one day pointed out that the car I liked so much - is a Porsche 356. While on business trips, I visited Vintage Speedsters in the LA area and Intermeccanica in the Vancouver BC Canada area looking at replicas. These were beyond my budget. A neighbor mentioned another neighbor was working on a 356 project car. For the next year or so, I stopped by his garage/shop in the evenings when I saw the light on to watch his progress. One day he stopped by our house and offered to sell me the vehicle...a deal was struck and we literally pushed it a couple blocks from his driveway to my garage.

With the help of a friend that builds street-rods (Gear Head Dave) I have had the rusty frames areas cut away and replaced, we cut away & replaced the rear engine shelf, battery box and multiple areas in the uni-body that had been improperly patched by previous owners.

If not for the generous help and encouragement from Gear-Head-Dave, the 356-Talk forum and the Saturday morning 356-Gruppe bagel/breakfast gang at Stuart Tool, I'm sure I would have gotten frustrated and given up.

I hope to have the vehicle on the road for the first time this year.

-- Tom

    After all this hard work, I think I'll just rest till my human gets the car on the road and I get a chance to stick my nose out the window when this tub is at speed . . .

-- Duke

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